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the super bowl. good evening, on the eve of the super bowl, robert griffin iii steals the spotlight. >> this is the first time anyone has seen griffin since his knee surgery earlier last month. doctors cleared him to travel to new orleans for tonight's nfl award show and he is not going home empty-handed. >> reporter: carol, robert griffin iii was hoping to be here in new orleans playing in the super bowl, instead he's collecting yet another award. he's the nfl offensive rookie of the year and he beat out some really good players andrew luck, russell wilson and, of course, his teammate alfred morris. >> it's an honor to win this award. don't ever want to play that down. it's also an honor to be in the running for it with all the great talent this past year and special shout-out to alfred because in my book he's the rookie of the year and i'm sure in his i'm the rookie of the year that's just the way we are. >> reporter: the next question is how's he feeling and looking and walking? that's allam could up in sports. he says he's feeling good and we'll have the video as robert griffin
't have to do it all at once, which is, quite frankly, what we're having to do in atlanta now. griffin: we have thousands of assets that we have to keep track of. we have to always know their condition and continuously plan for their refurbishment at the right time. one of the things we're required to do under the consent decree is inspect our system. we're trying to find where there's leaks. so we blow smoke into the sewer pipe. man: we're locating places where water from the surface to the ground is running into the sewer pipe and overloading the system. hunter: we have 1,600 miles of sewer. we are evaluating every linear foot of that system. is the pipe leaking; are you having a lot of infiltration or inflow? thornell: every time it rains, water will come down, go into the pipe, enter the sewer system. it's very easy to repair this defect and get all that water out of the system. griffin: with our closed-circuit tv inspection, we record cracks, holes, pipes that are partially collapsed. hunter: we literally will have a digital video of every foot of our sewer that in the future, we can
victory over the 49ers. >>> coming up, a side to robert griffin iii that you may not see too often. sports extra continues after this. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. >>> welcome back. robert griffin iii is well on his way to recovery, last week accepting the rookie of the year he award in new orleans. he was up walking around, even said's ahead of schedule. great news for redskins fans, and great news for us in the media who always got a kick out of his memorable press conferences. >> it's gut check time. we definitely checked our gut. i'm good for one every time. >> no, we never shared a burrito. we ate burritos in the living roo
and wisdom martin and i go off the wall. but we begin with robert griffin iii. normally you don't get too excited over an individual award in a team sport, but this is a big award. and one that hasn't happened to a redskin in almost 38 years. griffin was naminged the nfl's rookie of the year, beating out guys, like alfred morris. he becomes the first redskins to win this award. runningback, mike thomas did it in 1975. now griffin set numerous records, including rookie rushing yards for 815. he talked about this big-time award. >> well, it's truly a blessing to be up here and be able to stand first and foremost, you know, i had a tough injury at the end of the season. thank our coaches and thank our players. going to give a hand clap for alfred morris who is up for this award. you know, all the competition in this award was extremely good and it seems like i wouldn't know, you can ask drew. the league is in good hands with the young quarterbacks. but closing, i want to say, sometimes it's not what you get for your team, it's what you are willing to give for them. thank you, guys. >>
know. >>> is it possible robert griffin iii is ahead of schedule on his rehab? lindsay murphy has details. will he be ready for week one? and as we head to break, a few messages from our friends on facebook. facebook. >>> happy valentine's day. i'm lindsay murphy. when robert griffin iii went down, he vowed to be back for 2013. the quarterback underwent surgery to repair two ligaments in his knee over a month ago and already he and the redskins feel hopeful. allen spoke at the ground breaking ceremony in richmond saying the team continues to be optimistic griffin will be ready to start the season. the redskins know griffin has a long way to go and won't rush him back. there are reports today that based on what they've seen so far, it is possible griffin will be the team's starting quarterback in week one. >>> a couple other notes. he admitted they missed a chance. asked about getting field turf and said the red skin's name is not meant to be offensive. >>> to the ice where the capitols are looking for a third straight win tonight. and take on the tampa pay t bay ligh
at the nfl combine. he gives a big verbal thumbs up on griffin's rehab so far. griffin is seen here on the right doing what he calls the inch worm competition, otherwise known as hand walk. he's next to wide receiver adrian arrington. griffin has said he's determined to do what it takes to get back on the field. dr. andrews said today he's mightily impressed with griffin's work ethic. >> he's an unbelievable athlete as you well know. his recovery is way ahead of schedule so far. we don't have to do much but told him back if you want to know the truth. to our whole mode for him is to do what's best for his career. not necessarily what's next season. >> so encouraging for fans. they hear he's way ahead of schedule and he's not putting
griffin bell, then as his spokesman. he is now executive editor of national geographic, and it's a real pleasure to have you back here, terry. [applause] so i'm going to start with barbara and just because i think i want her to tell us what is it like, what is it like when -- and, you know, this is a to moment that -- this is a moment that maybe others we know have faced when jack died and you're faced with all of his papers and you're starting to go through them, what kind of an emotional experience is that? and, um, well, i'll end it there. tell us about the experience of going through jack's papers. >> okay. first, i must say what a pleasure and privilege it is to be on the same stage with president carter, ambassador young and my old friend terry. [laughter] and, by the way, another pulitzer prize winner, which he didn't mention. [applause] and also to say how pleased i am that jack's papers are here at emory. this is really where they belong, because you may not know it, but emory has -- well, it has an astounding collection, but randall burke, the curator here, pursued jack with a
. i didn't mean to -- >> next up is deputy chief tomeka and griffin. >> i will follow where the chief left off. i can't of want to give support to ms. griffin and her team. they have done an incredible job. i know the chief provided you supporting documents on the jttf report that we discussed -- cjcj report from last here but we have come so far with the statistics and reporting and ms. griffin will go when i finish. we are committed to improving this and includes the statistical reporting and we support the restorative justice model. there was a presentation the tenderloin a couple of weeks ago and i know some of you were there to be part of that. for the public restorative justice is a model where we look at the whole person, where we provide the services -- not only the police department but the partner agencies in the city, so we're looking at housing. we looking at mental health services and it runs the gamut. we have people out there with no money at all. they can't provide for their own needs so the city and agencies come together and we offer the services. we can't fo
. poor woman. what a life. uh, stan griffin from over the road. i'm maureen's nephew. yeah. yeah, i know. you'll need to treat it, of course, with mold and fungal protection. right. otherwise, it's all done. what's happened to you? oh, me. i got in an argument with... just got a scrape, that's all. it's nothing serious. i'll tell you what. i could do with a pint. that's just where i'm goin'. can we talk, please? i want to apologize for the way i spoke to you yesterday. it's all right. i'll get it, mr. griffin. pint of usual, please. same again. it was terrible what happened to auntie maureen. and her car, just, uh... just opposite your house. i mean, she's a nurse, you know, she looks after people. who'd want to do a thing like that? that's what happens round here. yeah, well, it shouldn't. there must be something you can do to stop it, like set up a neighborhood watch. you can't just turn a blind eye to it. are you sayin' i did that? no, not you personally. none of you... hey, you don't know what you're talkin' about, all right? stan's father, you say it wa
redskin fan wants to hear, what we've learned about robert griffin, iii's recovery.  >>> groundbreaking today for the new redskins training center in richmond, virginia, the $10 million facility is part of a development deal between the city and health system that's allowing the lease of the property. the new center is expected to bring $40 million worth of investment to richmond and hundreds of jobs and now to fox 5's lindsay murphy with an update on robert griffin, iii's recovery. >> all signs point to a successful start to rehab for robert griffin, iii. redskins general manager bruce allen said today they continue to be optimistic rg3 will be ready to start the season on time but does say doctors ultimately will make that decision. griffin has said all along he will be ready for next season, but there's now reason to believe the hype. the redskins know he's got a long way to go in his recovery and won't rush him back, but there were several reports today based on what they've seen so far, it's possible griffin will be the starting quarterback in week one.
night. >> yes, there is some ravens flair. >> cathy griffin. music from fm radio and we go jay walking. >> josh charles and tu cker from the ravens. >> high school sports. dunbar will face who in the finals? ipod is $20 million $20onight's jackpot is million. 11, 42, 35, 44, 41. mega ball is 42. if no one wins, tuesday could be >> the most straight for the past that the boys' basketball. a winning with a put the engineers in the championship but city complicated with a win at home tonight. two seniors playing their last home game. watched as crosstown rivalry. home court advantage used early on. step back jumper. 2nd quarter. city still in charge. in.ls it back, lays it john crosby spiffs -- splits the defense. next trip downcourt. when outside. -- way outside. city, john grant. dribbles inside. 68-53. city winds it. ednmonston will face dunbar tuesday night at morgan state. britain won 5 of his first 6 stars to the majors. last season, shoulder problems kept him out until the matter -- until the middle of summer. he loves the atmosphere of this spring camp. >> it is great. i think the
on camera in russia. it sent four400 to the hospital. >> robert griffin iii is used to getting a lot of tweets from france. some local high-school students are bombarding him with tweets and for good reason. we will tell you why. "good morning washington" at 5:00 begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, february 15. i am scott thuman. i am cynne simpson. . good morning to you. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we have some whether you need to know about especially if you have a late dinner plans to night. a wintry mix is headed this way. that includes snow. starting with 37 degrees in d.c. this morning 33 in dallas, 30 in gaithersburg. it is a dry start with fair skies. an upper level system and a coastal system will come together this weekend to bring a chance of snow, but nothing major. the bus stop forecast for today, looking at a temperature of 40 degrees with sunshine. so clouded by recess. 55 degrees by dropped off. the rena by about 4:00 this afternoon -- rain by 4:00. let's check on tra
administration as special assistant to attorney general griffin bell as spokesman, and objective editor of national geographic and it is of pleasure to have you back here. [applause] >> so i will start with barbara. i want her to tell us what is it like? this is a moment others have faced. when jack died and you are faced with his papers and starting to go through them, what kind of an emotional experience is that and i will end it there. tell us about the experience of going through jack's papers. >> i must say what a pleasure and privilege it is to be on the same stage with president carter, ambassador young and my old friend kerri and another pulitzer prize winner. [applause] >> also to say how pleased i am that jack's papers are here. this is where they belong. you may not know it but emery has -- has an astounding collection but the curator here, pursued jack with a special deal because they made a specialty out of southern journalists and they have quite a distinguished lobster, claude sydney, john smith's her -- i knew that would -- marshall for 80, many of you know celestes -- i
jeunesse, fox news. >>> robert griffin, iii has been laying low since the redskins' season ended, but he couldn't hide from a group of teen-age girls, how they blew his cover at a birthday party still ahead tonight. >> mississippi residents are cleaning up after a devastating tornado, why that same system could continue causing problems. >> plus. >> stand by. fire. fire. fire. >> and there is no room for error when you're firing weapons like these. we're heading to the front lines at quantico marine base still ahead tonight. >> stay with us, fox 5 news at 10:00 just getting started. the ones who inspire us, the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on, the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weeken
the pigs flair a griffin was asked why he had to shoot the pig. griffin said, because i couldn't believe it was so big. i grew up 20 miles away in a town that put martin luther king in jail for a few nights in 1963. when they heard the story of hog zila i wondered why people killed things they don't understand. i would like to read hog zila this is the first timei've read this part one is what i'm reading today. killer of kid and faun, muddy wallower trichinosis and tick. trap smart, nonnative gar gant wan flea bag you root in the oak brush of bogs and swamp. if we killed you now, hog zila, if we took aim for your belly with our cross bow or laser sight and pulled a trigger or let a tripped arrow rip through the night air there wouldn't be a story to tell. while we lay and wait for you to appear, chewing our ciao and the fat lit up on beer, lit up on the last of the evening light. we will harness you in speech, laszo you with language and make you bleed like the common pig you were before all this celebrity. in dreams you are bigger than you will ever be. you must be made to suffer for y
up on the wall. mr. griffin? >> i'm on my break. chairman farrell, members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak before you today on item no. 36789 my name is larry griffin the vice president offpt local 21 and we would like to thank supervisor farrell for bringing this forward and supervisors campos, chiu and avalos. by compensating affected employees to offset their tax, we're sending a message that san francisco is committed to equal pay for equal work. we know the day is coming when all couples and families will be treated the same. meanwhile we're pleased to see you taking this step forward. local 21 respectfully ask that the committee vote yes. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, good morning. my name is martha knudsen the co-chair of the lgbt democratic chair and joined by my profess co-chair and fell board member neilson. i want to thank supervisor farrell for authoring this legislation and voice support of the legislation on behalf of the entire board of the alice b. tokelis lgbt club. this is an important legislat
the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> drew griffin is live in texas this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: really, no developments overnight as far as we know. they are looking for what they think is a suspect, possibly in a sedan, brown or silver, there were many witnesses, but they are apparently telling police many different stories, not even sure if they are looking for one or two suspects. mr. hasse, arriving at work about 8:00 yesterday morning in this very parking lot. according to the police chief, a slight altercation, perhaps somebody waiting for him, and he was simply shot dead. there has been a lot of speculation, was this tied to his work at the courthouse, cases he prosecuted. the prosecutors, about 13 of them, they handle hundreds of cases, but his bosses say they don't know exactly what is behind this, but there are certain inherent risks of the job. >> simply the nature of the beast, when you deal with bad people on a regular basis, there is always the potential to do something bad, because they already did something bad to som
with hundreds of jobs. >> and we can't talk about this without talking about robert griffin, iii. the manager says the team is optimistic that rg3 will be back on the field in time for the start the of decision, but that decision will ultimately be left up to doctors. team officials say there is a long way to go as the star continues to recover from a knee injury. they won't rush him back, but there are reports that griffin will be ready to be the starting quarterback as early as week one. now, i get a little worryd about this because ultimately as well, you know it's up to the doctors, ultimately rg3 is the one who knows how his knee feels, and we know he's pushing it, so if he's like i'm great, i'm fine, is he? >> that's going to be the big question. everybody will be excited to see him when he comes back. we just hope he comes back at 100%, whether that's week one or eight or maybe not at all next year. he's such an excited player. he needs to be healthy and how they know all this right now is beyond me, but, hey. >> we got a long way to go.
griffin 3 do that had the masses in a frenzy and has drew moved on after the game-sized meltdown. brian? >> and we have a story idea, there is the number and e-mail address. we're back.  . >>> a virtual training program can have cruise ship crews have disasters on board like the one that crippled the carnivalship for days. it simulates various problems for fire. they can practice over and over again learning how to evacuate the passengers and other scenarios. >> go ahead and take you through an evacuation drill and through the muster if there is a fire or a flood and a missing person. simulate what you're never going to see. >> the companies arest ising -- testing the simulators and using them for training this year. >>> in the market for a new car, kelly blue book released the 2013 to award winners. toyota corollas and honda civics are month the best. the most supportable compact cars and crossover shoppers might consider the toyota rav-4 and chefly equinox. the honda accord, nissan altim david mcneill buand ford fusion came in with high marks for midsize sedan. >>>
're a redskins fan, you may be troubled when you see robert griffin iii's latest adidas commercial. take a look. >> blow it all up. all that matters is what you do next. >> there you go. the commercial ends with that tag line. all in for week one. that has many fans worried that he's rushing back too quickly if his knee surgery. griffin is urging fans not to read too much into the commercial. after posting a link to the ad he said feel like i needed to say this. although my goal is to start week one but i won't compromise my career do so. >> it's not going to be a thing that happens. it's a done deal at this point. >> we're hoping, though, that he's going to be there week one. this redskins fan is. >>> for the second time in as many days, a local high school is mourning the loss of a student. >> coming up, what the community is saying about the shooting that claimed another teenager's life. >>> plus, how china is responding to allegations it has been spying on american companies for years. >>> a strong breeze has the windchill in the teens for parts of our region. when we'll see things warm up
griffin was in high spirits. we didn't see him limping at the nfl honors. today, the hope that rg3 will be ready at the start of the season got kicked up when he tweeted a link to his new commercial. the ad ends with the words, all in, for week one. now however, griffin immediately followed that up with a cautionary tweet he wrote, quote, feel like i need to say this, although my goal is to start week one. it doesn't mean i will compromise my career to do so. wise words from the young qb. >>> the washington wizards are on the up and up. they hoped to head into the all- star break. now detroit squashed that goal, but there is plenty of positives to take into the second half of the season. the wizards won ten of 18 since john wall returns from a knee injury and tonight they open the second half against toronto. a team they have beaten four straight times at the verison center. randy won't put a number on what he considers a successful season. he just wants his team to finish strong. >>> go down the schedule and say win, loss, win, win, win. you know, so i think we can put a good half
. the redskins are not the only ones preaching how well robert griffin 3 is recovering from his knee surgery. the doctor said today at the combine that rg3 is ahead of schedule and all they do is hold them back. the quarterback tried to show his progress. posting a video from rehab is a great video, of course, taken by merry weather, who is recovering from knee surgery. griffin is competing against a college athlete. the qb maintaining he's focused on the long-term health and not returning to get back before he's ready and that is looking good there. ryan zimmerman is progressing well following his shoulder surgery. he took bp on the fold for the first time and, according to the reports, that is like him. smashing pitches. and the other big news, again,ing center around geo gonzalez. who has received word from the major league baseball player's association association that the tests came back clean with no proof of performance- enhancing drugs. geo was tested that he was linked to a clinic in miami. mlb has not officially absolved him but the recent signs avoid to him avoiding the 50-game su
couple months. that's just the way it is. questions will remain until griffin is able to participate with the team again. whether that's during mini camps or in july when training camp starts. underwent major surgery to repair a torn acl. griffin has said all along he will be ready for next season but now reason to believe the optimism. he has a long way to go in his recovery and will not rush him back. there are reports today that based on what they've seen so far, it is possible griffin will be the team's starting quarterback. griffin won the offensive rookie of the year award after setting a record by a rookie quarterback and leading to first nfc title in 13 years. bruce allen said today the redskins continue to be optimistic. will be ready to start the season. he says doctors ultimately will make the final decision. if he doesn't meet the deadline, i don't think he wants to push himself too hard that he feels like he's failing. it's up to robert, up to the doctors but at this point feel good about it. >> the fans want him to get healthy and come back when he's ready. thanks. >> s
co-ver none and alaine griffin. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> what are the main discoveries that you made about adam lanza, do you think? >> his progression into darkness from a skinny kid, bushy haired, computer geek. he had problems. he had asperger's. he had a sensory issue where he couldn't process pain. but there were no overt acts of violence until he was 20, christmastime, 2012, and there was this descent. and that's probably the most compelling part of this. >> and alaine griffin, are these warning signs that should have been picked up by any authorities, do you think, or is he one of those that we've seen so many cases of, who slipped below the current radar? >> well, i think if you look at adam's life, you know, he started off in school. there was sort of this -- he was in and out of schools. he was in public school, parochial school for a little while, he was taken out of public school. he went to high school for two years, then he left high school at 16. he went to college for a year, went out of college, went to community college, dropped out the first semester.
rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. >>> robert griffin, iii walked the red carpet to accept his a.p. offensive rookie of the year award just last week barely listening if at all. it is major progress considering he had knee surgery less than a month beforehand. griffin told the media he's aiming to be back before the start of the season and when he returns, will he be the same speedster and be as sharp as the rookie who threw 20 touchdowns with just five interceptions. griffin said last week he'll not only be better but smarter. there's not much room for improvement especially when it comes to his wit. rg3 could make everyone scream with his play on the field and make everyone laugh off of the field. >> no, we never shared a burrito. okay. we ate burritos in the living room. he had his. i had mine. >> i knew soon as i got hit i screamed like a man, of course, but -- i'm really hungry right now. talking to you guys, but -- >> subway. >> there you go. i didn't say it, people. he did. eat fresh, but -- >> and with that that's a wrap on sports, but the news edge will be right back. go
however is true. the man, john howard griffin, music scholar, texas farmer, journalist. he darkened his white skin by medication and he crossed the color line to live as a negro in the deep south. >> narrator: and so john howard griffin is remembered, when he is remembered at all. but there is much more to griffin's life than his controversial journey disguised as a black man. nevertheless, it's a good place to start. >> griffin: the transformation was total and shocking. i was imprisoned in the flesh of a total stranger, an unsympathetic one with whom i felt no kinship. all traces of the john griffin i had been were wiped from
griffin iii voted the nfl rookie of the year. and the man who set the moment when it comes to the great, washington quarterback, the winner of super bowl xvii joe theismann from new orleans and the mighty linebacker for the philadelphia eagles. dawdh. in i, do you you miss is volcano a a sense of longing when you look at the ravens and 49ers about to talk field. >> when you are hear you reminisce about the game and remember the plays. joe and i were just talking about one of the plays and actually playing in the super bowl and how fantastic an experience that was and actually being down in the camaraderie and fanfare and being a part of the entire experience. >> geraldo: before i talk about all of those various distractions, joe, how proud of you -- how proud are you of our robert griffin iii, rg 3, rookie of the year for the skins. almost took them deep in the mayoffs. >> i hope you can tell the smile on my face. i'm so proud of this young man. such a great representative of his family, of the washington redskins, of the national football league. we are seeing a couple of young guys co
on the cause. >> more accolades for robert griffin the third. the quarterback receives another award for his breakout of the season. we'll hear how he jokes about his knees and surgery >> off the wall coming up with super bowl edition and we have some predictions and there is time to make a pick are you ready? >> i have studied tape. >> i need boxes of boxes -- >> here is your answer. predictions coming. >> that your house on it, don't [ laughter ]. Ñ [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. >> is for robert griffin the third was named the nfl offense of rookie of the year. griffin beat out .-dot guys like andrew luck, russell wilson in his own teammate alfred morris. rg3
, everybody. we have an update tonight on robert griffin iii. today at the nfl combine, a surgeon who performed his knee surgery said he's way ahead of schedule. in fact, the only job he has to do is to try to hold him back. >> i'm sure trying to get him to slow down and take his time is the tougher of two jobs. i think it's important to stress that we're worried about the long term health, not worried about rushing back to week 1. i think it's good everybody's calming the waters with these statements. robert showed a glimpse of his rehab today, showing off his progress. brandon merryweather is also recovering from knee surgery. griffin is competing against a college athlete in the inch worm drill, which works your ham strings, back and core, and also shows he has some strength and stability in that knee already, and he's a month and-a-half removed from surgery. i think it's good to see that. it's not running or anything like that, which i'm sure people would get more excited about. but it shows he's able to do stuff that's tough. that's tough for you and i to do and we have healthy k
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